How to create rounded edge cube

Hi Friends,

how can i create rounded edge shapes. for eg: how to create rounded corners for a cube.(2.5 A2)

Bevel modifier?

lots of ways.

Usually, I place extra edge loops near the corners and add a subsurf modifier at level 2.

You can also select an edge, press spacebar, search for “edge crease”, and then change the sharpness of an edge that way.

If I’m unclear, then look up edge crease and/or sub surf modeling and edge loop placement.

Here’s an example .blend. I used the default cube, then in edit mode I pressed ctrl+r to add some more edge loops. Then I added sub surf modifier level 2. Then I set the model to smooth. You can move the edge loops around to change the bevel amount.

One problem with using the bevel modifier is it creates triangles which are harder to deal with for me than squares.


edgeLoops.blend (63.3 KB)

thanks friends