How to create rounded shape something similar to a cross

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I’ve attached a file (1.blend (1.0 MB)
). I used Automirror and Looptools. Somehow horizontal and vertical cylinders get flat where they meet.
Would it be better to use 2 cylinders objects?

Thank you.

You should have choosen you basic cylinder in such a way that selecting one half and deleting it, this one is one half. Instead you did cut the face at the mirror line… Posible solution: select the cylindric part separate, apply modifier, select crossing edge, delete edge loop, rotate 30 degree in Z, select half delete… join to arms.

I created a basic cylinder (6 faces), mirrored. If you noticed the top level has uneven faces. What have I done wrong? And how to create mirrored circle/cylinder on top level?
1.blend (775.3 KB)

Thank you

You should have scaled it with pivot point 3D cursor but constrained to not to Z axis (keyshortcut S, shift -Z)

Hi Okidoki,

Thank you for all your advises. Now I have other problem. Somehow I can’t create a horizontal circle loop.

1.blend (807.5 KB)

Thank you.

Not even looking at the blend-file. If you want circled holes by subdiv the best results come from even distributed even numbered polygons mostly squares. And it also doesn’t help to have n-gons on the border.

Is it possible to clarify?
This is what happen when I apply LoopTool/Circle

. I subdivided by 2

Thank you

Read again… square +subd :

Somehow I was able to create a circle without subdiv.

Thank you for your help