How to create skin material?

I need a tutorial to create realistic human skin to use in my models.
I want to create my own textures and don’t want ready textures.

Use the “Save UV Face Layout” script in the script window to generate a .tga image of your UV’s. Paint one as your Color map, another as your Specularity map and a third as your Nor (bump) map. UVMap your Color image to the model then load it again as a texture image mapped to Col and change the Mapping to UV (not Orco) in the MapInput tab.
Change the second and third images to greyscale and put them in the second and third texture slots and map them to UV too so they correspond with your Color map. For the second (Spec) turn the Spec slider in the shaders all the way down, map it to Spec in the MapTo tab, and set the specularity by changing the contrast of the greyscale (back and forth to the paint prog and reloading the image) till you’re satisfied. For the bump image you turn off Col and turn on Nor then use the Nor slider to adjust the value.

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Sorry, I have expressed bad. This part I already know.
Wrich I want to know is how to paint in a 2d software like GIMP or Photoshop.

There are loads of tutorials for this: