How to create sock weave model

Dear All,

I try to create a chair with bulky round weave like below image

I have watch a youtube tutorial in regards cloth filter tutorial by xmaiter3D

And I think it is a good idea how to create that sock weave style.

I then build an object as below SS

But as new in blender, I am stuck here.

Would someone help me and show me the correct way how I can build that model, please?

Thank you in advanced.

I would use curves and arrays:
socks_on_the_curve.blend (94.7 KB)

Wow! thanks @rigoletto

Could you please explain how I can create the first step, the socks from curve?

First create a curve, i have done this just with a straight line and changed height for every second vertics.
Then convert the line into curve and set a bevel value.
Change the radius for every second vertics.
You can smooth this quick with subdiv modifier, or you make a more detailed curve in the first step.
The rest are just array modifiers.

Thank you @rigoletto

I have manage to create the first sock shape. But when reach the simpledeform modifier, shapes could not bend as your example.

And the next question is how I can arrange the weaves following the shape of the chair?

My blender file as below:
[](https://Sock Weave Chair)

As new user, I could not upload a file, so I put in my GD.

You have to use the empty to bend it correctly, here is an tutorial about this modifier.

But for the chair this wont work well, cause it is not rounded. For this you have to create the curve in the desired shape already.
Make a straight line of your chair shape, then use the previous steps to make the waves.

wave_chair.blend (104.6 KB)

If you like to try, you may actually do it procedurally as well, say, with a stretched smooth voronoi maybe. Used as displacement. The fabric detail can be bump. It may not be as precise, just thought to mention. I like to try stuff like that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you @rigoletto

Finally I could manage to get what I looking for. Far from perfect but satisfying enough after struggling… :slight_smile:

@AgentTuron thank you. If you show the correct directions, I would be happy to try.