How to Create something in Blender ebook

Hey everybody,
Would you be interested in an inexpensive ebook that tells step by step how to create something in Blender? It would not be about creating something small and easy, like an apple or a bookshelf, it would have a bigger scope, perhaps something like a car or a kitchen.

Would you be interested in such an ebook? If so, what thing or scene would you like it to teach you to create, and how much would you pay for such an ebook?

No replies in 24 hours…what’s the deal, guys? Where is everyone? Still celebrating Star wars day or something?

Did you try google? There are couple books at Amazon, just make sure they cover Blender 2.6x.

You’re also not the first one to ask for Blender books, check the official store and what you find in threads somewhere around here.

lol Star wars day, it’s real? :smiley:

There is a lot of things to see with the cloud and the free tutorial, i am not ready to finish before a long long time. But if one day i finish ^^, i am interest in the creation of some games in Blender game engine with all the process explain. For the price i don’t know it depends of the size of the tutorial.

I guess I should clarify, I am not looking for a book on Blender, I am quite skilled in Blender already. Now I want to write a book on Blender. So I am looking for opinions on whether people would want such a book as I have mentioned in the original post.

Yes, maybe someone should write a book on the BGE. However I’ve heard that the BGE is eventually going to be “phased out” into a sort of “interactive mode”. Not sure if this is correct, but it sounds like a reasonable plan to me, considering there are already so many other great game engines (even open source and free ones!)

And yes, Star Wars day is real. It’s on May the 4th (May the Fourth be with you!)