How to create text, hollow and with uniform thickness?

How to create text that is hollow and have uniform thickness as if they are made of acrylic panel? I mean, something like this “T” (The upper side is not open; it is hidden only to show how it is like inside), but not creating each letter one by one? I have tried to convert text to mesh but it resulted in weird faces that did not work with the skin modifier.

Choose you text and extrude parameter. Copy it, different offset, move in z. Convert both to mesh, add boolean modifier…
holowText.blend (156.7 KB)

The solidify modifier may also help.

Nah, tried it… bad kung fu.

Create text.
extrude it
Convert to mesh.
merge vertices by distance (because cap are not connected)
select all
Duplicate in place
use alt S ( to shrink your new set of polys)
Flip normals
Peek 20-09-2021 12-28

Also nice but didn’t want @loserlearningblender wanted it open to the top… oh wait… not… overread this…