How to create the following curve in the cylinder

I have a serious problem. As you can see in the image I have this stool and I would like to create the following curve. I have added a NURBS curve but when I bind that one with the footprint_f_l_001 the object footprint_f_l_001 change place and it is extremely hard to set it as before. I was thinking of a simple way- like creating a surface at the end of the cylinder and extrude it to the direction of the curve making the handler, but this one does not work. What’s the best way to create smoothly merged handlers ? The final object has to have specific dimensions and angles so I have to be accurate.

P.S. After the binding the extrusion does not follow exactly the path


DOKIMI gia curve.blend (707 KB)

Do you want the handle to have a circular cross section?
If so in the curve settings
In the Shape settings set the Fill to ‘Full’ from the dropdown list
In the Shape settings set the Resolution value to chnage the smoothness of the curve
In the Geometry setting increase the Bevel value to change the size of the cross section
In the Geometry settings set the Resolution valuse to increase the resolution of the cross section.
When you are happy with the shape convert to a mesh with Alt+C / Mesh from Curve

You could just model one side of the the whole leg and use a curve modifier to curve it around the top and then a mirror modifier for the other side

My major problem is that: when i add a curve modifier at the cylinder and bind it with the nurbs curve, the cylinder lose its place -having as a result the curving to be crazy

Oh, you maybe mean that I will not have to add a curve modifier at the cylinder and do it like that. But then I will have smoothness problem after the merge

Thank you very much, I have finally understood and done it. Now I have a small problem with the resolution of the curve. As you can see there is a difference in the brightness of the 2 objects. How can I set that to be exactly the same?


DOKIMI gia curve_ 3.blend (708 KB)

Here’s an example using a curve and mirror modifier to make the legs one object.
Notice that the origin of the leg and the origin of the curve (a bezier curve) are in the same location.


DOKIMI gia curve1.blend (148 KB)

how did you do that? I normally make the following steps:

  1. shift+a instert a nurbs curve/path/bezier
  2. place the curve at the exact position, in which I want the curve to take place
  3. select the cylinder object and add a curve modifier
  4. At the object section I select the corresponding curve and then the cylinder loose its place. I have also tried used playing with x y z deformation axis

i think i found something…I will inform you about the result. Thank you VERY much !

nothing… I have placed the curve at the exact origin with my cylinder (through the transform–> location) but nothing. On top of that if you try to extrude that it does not follow the direction it should have.


DOKIMI gia curve_4.blend (708 KB)