How to create this shape

I want to create this shape
but I am only able to model this (Can’t upload due to I am new member only one is allowed)

Any tips and tricks which will help me?

Can you upload the second image to Google Drive or Dropbox and link it here?

you can upload the second image as a reply to your own thread. No need to go through dropbox.

Anyway, i dont see anything particularly difficult with this model, i think you should try to practise fundamentals. Try taking some beginner courses to get started. If you get stuck on any particular part of the modelling process, feel free to post it here and we will help you out.
But we cant model the entire thing for you.

This is the second image I just dont know how to start modeling the pattern in the first image so any help would be appreciated

Try to make it part by part and you will merge your parts.

Try throwing some edge loops (Control + R) in there and extrude (E) them outwards for the detail around the sides. Make the “cliff” parts less extreme maybe too (select them all and scale only on the Z axis [ s then z]). As for the detail on the top, I would cut out the shape of them in the top using the knife tool (K) and extrude them upwards. There is certainly a less dumb method of doing that out there, but it would probably be a lot more of a pain.

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I have few tips that could be useful here if you don’t already know them:

Flattening a face loop on sphere with Scale [S] pick axis [Z] and press [0].
Extruding faces but limiting it only to 2 axis. Example - select side faces and hit extrude [E] then scale [S] and [shift] + [X or Y or Z] and that axis will be excluded while scaling.

I also used snapping to snap points that are parallel to the bottom cuts.
Lastly i duplicated the extrusion (select faces) [Ctrl + D] to duplicate it and rotated it on the [Z] axis and typed [90] for 90° degrees, repeat and complete the all 4 sides, then it should be connected to the mesh so join all four of them and select the original and [Ctrl + J] to join them into single object.

The thing that is bothering me are the extrusions and such because i have no idea how to be sure they are in correct proportion, its not like i used some kind of modifier and set parameters :slight_smile:

Edit: English.


Another thing that you could do is use an array modifier and use an empty to offset it in a circle. That way you could just delete 3/4 of the object and only work on a 1/4 of it and have everything update around the entire object. When done apply the modifier and merge double verticies.

Speaking of which, the thread and the modeling support forum page currently repeats the word “shape”, which is the wrong term. A shape is 2-dimensional, a silhouette. Form is 3-dimensional. Yes, shape and form are synonyms in everyday language, but 3D modeling is about interpreting and building forms which also includes paying attention to the silhouette (the shape) of the model, so wouldn’t hurt to make the distinction.

noun: shape ; plural noun: shapes

  1. the external form, contours, or outline of someone or something.
  2. a geometric figure such as a square, triangle, or rectangle.


The form of a work is its shape, including its volume or perceived volume. A three-dimensional
artwork has depth as well as width and height. Three-dimensional form is the basis of a sculpture.