How to create vfx in blender

Good Afternoon. I want to create a visual effect (vfx) using this Camera and the words “Bloozick” for a company but I don’t have much experience doing vfx in blender. I have experience as a 3D Modeller and Animator. Any help is appreciated.

I want the camera to turn 3D and the words do a visual effect. Any help is appreciated.

So how would you do it in the other software where you have “experience”…¿?

I would try using the video editor that blender has. I am not too sure

I meant, outside of Blender. (don´t think of Blender). What would your approach be using that software where you have experience…?

I only use blender

please help I have this to bring in tommorrow

I’m afraid you may have overpromised and/or procrastinated too much. Learning how to do a custom animation like this isn’t something that takes an hour or two…

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I am sorry it’s actually my fault. I procrastinated it and also ovrpromised. How can I create visual effects for future reference images in blender?

THANKS :slight_smile: