How to create virtual objects with Blender?


Please let me know if it possible to do a virtual object like this with freeware only:

However the object should be possible to turn around it’s pivot point all 360 degrees so the example above is little limited…

I have been planning to buy Strata live 3d:

but I will not do this if it is possible to make similar objects to internet in Java form or most likely in flash form with freeware only. However these commercial examples are on the wanted level…

I have heard of programs like hugin or Ptools:

Are they enough to do this? Is such a virtual object easier to do with for example Strata 3D live? Is it possible to avoid HTML coding with Strata? Do you know any really simple tutorials of virtual objects? Naturally the animation could be done with Blender…if you know any Blender related tutorials please let me know.

Yes you can make stuff like that just using Blender and other free/GPU software . IBM had a java based 3D viewer that they gave away for free a while ago on their ibusiness site . And actually writing the applet isn’t that hard in the first place with the java 3D SDK . Also there was someone working on an applet on this forum about a year ago … you might want to do a search on that .

Also someone at the last Blender conference was talking about exporting out to flash using the Collada format and how nicely it worked …

Hope this saves you a few bucks :slight_smile:

Or I saw something on blendernation about a script that will export the 3d data to javascript a few weeks ago.

you coulddo that with freeware no prob.

you could creat somthing in the blender game engine that rotates an actual 3D object in real time Im just not sure how to make that show up on a web page. but if you did that it would be way better that that weird thing that was just a series of pictures.