How to create wall like that?

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Try this maybe

Nice idea but I am not gonna use exact color from this image. I need to create as a material.

You want a red colour material?

Color is not important. The idea is how can l create this bump, glossiness, noise etc.

Theres a guy called Royal Skies LLC who makes quick 2 to 4 minute tutorials on Blender, try watching some of his videos maybe it might help, heres one for gloss, I think hes talked about all the maps and textures and stuff as well in some other videos.

maybe l can use imperfections map on normal wall texture.

Iā€™m not too sure, I am still a noob at Blender lol, the best thing to do I guess is look at tutorials or wait for somebody with more knowledge to come lol.

  1. 1024x1024 is free
  2. Quixel megascans.
  3. If you do the task yourself, it is better to use Subsnance Designer.
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