How to Created 3D Architectural Bird View Animation?

Dear Sir,
My Name Is Tahir Malek. We Have been Animating Since 2008. I Have Created best 3D Architectural Rendering View But I do Not Proper Ideas For Bird View. I Want to Created 3D Bird View Animation. Please Suggest me best Ideas.

This is a very broad question… Can you be more specific as to what you need?

Well, Bird View of architecture looks like this:

Basically to animate you place the camera over the building and animate its movement. Usually one uses Curved Path as a guide for the camera position over time. Camera is made to track empty object to guide its point of view asit fly around, which can be animated as well.

Yea, I’d just track an empty placed at the center of the map, and then use a “track-to” constraint on the camera. Combined with a curve animation, this should provide what you need.