How to creating a Curve with smooth lines? (Have a jagged edge problem)


I created a Curved arrow using a Beizer curve. I made the closed curve solid and rendered it. The object looks very jagged around the edges. Is there something I can do to smooth this? (I’ve the smooth option in the curve properties panel at 100%).

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated, thanks.

Increase the curve resolution value. Also adding a subsurf modifier possibly with an edge split modifier may further help.

Thanks, I have the curve resolution up to maximum setting (U 64).

I’ll don’t notice much improvement with the subsurface modifier. It looks like the image is scaled, as I just added text and that is jagged too…

is the image on the left your render from Blender? Your curves look pretty smooth to me, actually. I think it’s more an aliasing problem: Try increasing your Anti-Aliasing samples to 16 in the render panel, see if that helps.

You can also render to a larger size (say, 200%) and then scale it down afterwards. As I understand it, this effectively does the same thing Anti-Aliasing does, but if upping to 16 doesn’t do enough, then you might want to try that as well.

Thanks very much for all the replies. The problem was my own stupidity :eyebrowlift:.

I feel the need to explain that it’s been months since I’ve used Blender :o

In case anyone else see’s the same problem… my rendered preview was scaled in the window. The actual rendered image had smooth curves:

Oh, that problem bit me hard when I was first using Blender. It wasn’t until I saved the image and looked at it that the light dawned.