How to curl many finguers at the same time

Hi, someone know any tut about How to curl many finguers at the same time, that could work on any rig?

Select your fingers, put the Transform Orientation on Local mode, and Invidivual Originis as pivot point. Then rotate your fingers on the right axis with R-X-X (to use the local rotation mode, with X the axis of your choice)

Or use a copy rotation constraint on all of the finger joints except for the first and have those bones copy the rotation of the first bone in the finger for each finger.

You can also use copy rotation constraints and adjust the percentage of copy rotation to be less than 100%.

You could also use actions as a control. I find them very useful for setting up the opening and closing of the fingers and thumb with a single bone controlling the process. As far as I’m aware it’s not perfect. But it’s worked for me on more than one occasion. It obviously takes a little time to set up for all the required bones. But it should only be necessary once.

You will still be able to keyframe the individual bones if you need to.

Here’s a short video of a simple set up.

Yeah use a bone to control their rotations. I have used rigs with 1 bone above the fingers that is scaled to control the rotation of the fingers.