How to curve an edge in Blender?

I am working on making the Ice for a hockey rink model, and I want to make rounded edges on the corners of a plane or rectangle to do it, however I can’t figure out how to give the edges a radius, I’ve tried the loop cut and slide tool but that only bevels the edges.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Create it with a series of quarter circles for the corners connected to rectangles
Add a cube, scale to bake the correct proportions (ensure you apply any object scale with Ctrl+A) and bevel the four corner edges. In the operator panel or F6 you can set the bevel size

Here’s another approach. Begin with a rectangle whose corners are located at the center points for the quarter circles at the corners.

Extrude out from the sides and ends by a distance equal to the radius of the corner quarter circles.

Add a filled circle with a number of sides divisible by 4, and with a radius the size of the extrusions. Remove 3/4 of the cicumferential vertices, leaving the center vertex, and a wedge of less than 90 degrees.

Duplicate the wedge 3 times, (for a total of four instances of the wedge, and move the wedge so that the center vertex is co-incident with the corner of the original rectangle, and the circumferential vertices are between the vertices of the extrusion.

Make edges or faces between the extruded sides and ends, and the wedges.

Takes longer to describe than to do.