How to cut a hole in a face


I created a 2D logo in Inkscape. To keep things simple, let’s say this logo looks like the letter O.

I imported this logo as a curve in Blender, extruded it und turned it into a mesh. Then I removed the top and bottom face (the once with a hole).

Now I’d like to recreate these faces. I know how to create a face without the hole and I know how to create a face where the hole should be, but how to I “merge” these two faces into one face with a hole?

Thank you very much for your help.

A simpler approach would be return to the step before you convert to mesh, when the ‘O’ is still a curve. Create a duplicate of the curve and scale it inwards to be the hole size. Select both curves and press Ctrl-j to join the two curves together. Now extrude the result curve and you will have a hole.

If I understand correctly you have something that looks like a small cylinder or circle within a large cylinder or circle and want to connect both circles with polygons.

You can simply select all relevant edges and then use the “bridge” tool to do that.

It seems that a face can’t contain a hole, at least the way I tried to solve my problem (creating multiple faces and removing the edges between the faces) worked as long as I didn’t end up with a face that encircles a hole completely.
So, thank you for your help.
Case closed.