How to cut hole into curved plane without ruining topology?

Currently working on a little robot that has a cylindrical head, then cut out a hole for its eye but that ended up ruining the edges of cylinder. Is there a better way to do this?

I’ve recently had luck with reducing pinching notably by careful abd well thought out use if the knife tool.

Don’t know if this will help but here’s how I make a hole. Don’t know how much this helps regards Terry.

You have too little geometry to support a circle with that many vertices. You should try and have the same spacing between quads unless you want a part to be sharp. (only applies to organic like objects)

This is for LightWave but it is useful for any app.

see this tut here

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You have too many tris converging into a single point and not even resolution.
Spread it out like this even if u need to add more edge loops.

Here is how i do it.

Another tip-
What’s the purpose of doing it that way, is your mesh going to deform or just be there? see that purplish button on the bottom right,sometimes u don’t have to cut holes and deal with the headaches of proper topology, just put another object on top & that’s it.

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Great tips John4!

Also there are other issues and things to consider. Notice how John4 put the blue spherical object inside the hole?

In many cases you can model more efficiently by separating meshes in much the same way as it might be in the real world. Eye sockets and eyes. Multiple parts of an object such as separate panels on a car or lets say pieces or sections of a robot. Often in the real world things are made from separate parts. So in modeling this means you can isolate parts of an object and not have to continue the topology which can be a mess. In your model maybe you want to separate the top part where the eyes are from the lower part. Hard to tell what you are going for. But that is the basic idea.

You can check this video ( ), he/she used a method to create square holes in the curved part of the model at around 3 mins in.

Use “mark sharp” on edges you want to maintain sharp and use auto-smooth.
There’s no need for additional geometry.