How to cut jpg shape out of ring

Hey guys,
I am super new to blender and would like to get going with a project I have in mind. Here it would be really helpful if someone could take me by the hand.
Here’s the project:

  • Create ring (can do)
  • import shape from jpg
  • wrap shape around ring (make sure its long enough)
  • cut out shape from ring

The shape looks something like this:

The b/w gradient of the shape determines the depth of the cut.
Black cuts through the ring, white leaves the surface untouched.

I would be superhappy if someone could guide me through this process. I am so excited to start playing with all this …
Thank you everyone,

One option is to use displacement on the vertices. There are few problems with that though

One is that the image is not seamless, the ends don’t meet at a common point. Second is that the sides of the image are darker, creating a line. And third is that .jpg format is crap. It’s a lossy format. Png is lossless in visual range of values (0-1). An image with at least 16bit bit depth is recommended for displacement and bump, and you want a 16 or 32 bit hdr image if the values go outside the 0-1 range, such as .exr.

Might still be able to use that though if the actual values don’t matter, and you’re creating a lower resolution mesh for it.


to continue on JA12s answer, download krita from, create a new image with the size you prefer, hit w for seamless painting, paint the image again, save it as 16 bit png. That is what I would do at least