How to cut out circle form plane?

I m working on a model, where i have to cut out a circular shape from a plan mesh. I have to idea how to do it.

I know you can insert a circle mesh, then connect the vertices from the circle mesh to the plane mesh by clicking the 2 verts you want to be connected and hitting F. If the plane only has 4 vertexs, you’ll probably want to subdivide it, as the circle will need to have a vertex to connect to with each of it’s verts. A circle with only 4 verts is more of a square, hehe.

One way to do this, is to use subsurf modifier for your mesh. Then divide the plane into smaller rectangles (e.g. with Ctrl-R + mousewheel). Now you just cut a centre rectangle out. (Choose face select mode, select the center face and choose delete --> faces.) The subsurf modifier causes the hole to deform like a circle.

If you need to get back the original mesh without subsurf, you can choose apply from the modifier settings.

Try this thread


Is there a way to set a group of verts to a circle? Like the Set Sphere button?

yes - look at the thread I highlighted, I use set sphere in one of the examples


I found ur link useful, Thank u.

Thanks ur all too:o

Having tried denshidan’s link above (and used method 2) it seems odd that the “To Sphere” function isn’t on the ‘W’ specials menu, like lots of the other functions on the F9 Mesh Tools panel. If it was, I might have noticed it and saved hours of join the dots when ‘cutting out’ circles :(. Still, now I know I’ll NEVER forget it!

i think there is one method which was not indicated here and it’s the new cookie cutter script so you select a circle and then apply the cookie cutter
but you may have to correct some of the verticies afterward

blender has many waus to do things in general LOL


The cookie cutter script is a possibility but does anybody have a tutorial on how to use it?

i did ask some questions not long ago

and it’s a great tool to complement the reptopo and skrink wrap modifier


mind you that i did this week a model of a vertical thin strip with lots of holes in it
and i simply used the bezier curves circles to do it

it’s faster and easier to do i think

but if you only have one on an existing object nesh than the technics describe here can do the job

have fun with blender

see pic here is an example that i working on with stone

i set a circle above a rectangular stone wall and cut a circle with the cookie cutter


In many tricky modeling problems, it’s often useful to see whether turning the problem around will help. In this case, rather than cut a circle out of a plane, try building a plane on the outside of a circle. Take a circle, extrude it, scale it to roughly the size of the plane, then square up the edges of the outside circle to the shape you want. Everything stays connected to the inner circle.


Thats method 3 in my thread!