How to Cut Out Multiple, Same-Sized Doors?

Title pretty much says it all. How would I go about doing this?
I don’t want to eyeball it using cut, or knife, and I don’t want to subdivide it because the walls I need doors cut from are just extrusions from the rest of the building frame. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

No clear explanation (examples etc) on what exactly you need so we have to guess !!.
Make a ‘door’ object the size/shape you need and use boolean to cut it out as many times as you wish from your object

If the face for the door is extruded from the rest of the buiding, as you say, then why is subdividing that face a problem?

Try using inset, since it saves the values from the first time you use it, so you can just reapply it on all the other faces that need doors.

make the door profile and use the knife project in tool panel

happy bl