How to cut windows in a wall with good topology


I’m always having problems with making windows to a wall. I would like to keep the ability to loop cut, but my current way of doing the windows create poles and I can’t solve it. I made a video in case you need a better illustration:

Is there a better way to cut these windows?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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You can’t really avoid poles when extruding inwards like that. Generally, what you want for a case like this is an edge loop around the part that gets extruded inwards, which will put the pole on a flat surface instead of a corner which gives a better edge flow (see the attached image)

Another thing to consider is that you will need to give the glass volume, and by that I mean that it can’t consist of one single face. If you do it like you are explaining in the video, the inside of the building will look like solid glass, because the light never exits the glass.


Okay, thanks for the tips!

And yes you caught me, it’s hard to hide that accent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some good ideas at BlenderMama: .

Unless you’re going to show the wall from the other side, you shouldn’t need the far side of the wall at all. Then you don’t have to do the remove doubles which is giving you the problem.

Carrozza thank your pointing out solidify, that’s a great tip and I will definetly try it!