How to deactivate mirror in text paint 2.81

Can’t seem to do this. Usually I have no probs when modelling, but here I can’t just paint one side of the character I am trying to make. thx in advance

Do you have a Mirror Modifier? If so it will be a problem, you can turn if off by the buttons on top, but as soon as you turn it back on…!! Best to apply the modifier and then you can paint one side.

Do you have the Brush Mirror selected in the top bar? Deselect it and you can paint one side, and when you turn it back on…it does not mirror everything, only painting from turning on to turning off.

If you do the painting in the UV window…it bypasses all the mirror options… and will not mirror even with Mirror Modifier or Brush Mirror.

Hi, thanks for replying, tried all that but I’m no nearer getting this sorted. For instance, I even modify the image externally, but when back in Blender it’s still mirrored!

I am at a loss, right now, can you share the Blend? Somewhere like Mediafire, or Google Drive or Dropbox or one of the others? Should be able to figure it out then.