How to deal with CC-BY and CC-BY-SA assets?

Hey all! Just curious how you all deal with using assets in a render / animation that are licensed under CC-BY and CC-BY-SA?

For the “-BY” aspect, in an animation, it is usually standard to place some text in the credits. For a render, especially one which is to be used in commercial applications in magazines, billboards, and other contexts where a text overlay isn’t appropriate, what other options are there for credit?

For the “-SA” aspect, what exactly does this mean? Let’s say you create a render which has a single CC-BY-SA texture in there. Does this mean that you need to publish the entire .blend file with everything else in it? In an animation, if a single -SA texture is used, does this mean that you have to release the entire dataset of all the frames with that texture in view, or the entire movie?

I realise most of you IANAL, but it’d be good to hear what the consensus is.

With regards to CC-BY, I like to think that you should only use it if you can guarantee that you can give credit. If you use it for, say, an image that gets published somewhere where you have no control over crediting, I’d avoid using any CC-BY assets.


They have some input on this topic, but the spirit of creative commons is flexibility in how you give credit so long as you do. So you may be able to have some wiggle room in how you credit the content creator if you can’t directly credit them on the project.

I’ve found that the Australia CC site gives two good resources on providing attribution:


I think things are pretty clear and easy on the attribution part. But what about the -SA part? Does this mean I need to distribute a blend if I use a single CC-BY-SA asset?