How to deal with multiple output aspects/resolutions?


I would like to be able to render out overnight cameras bound to frames, but the last frame is a panorama at a different resolution. Tonight I needlessly rendered out everything at 4000x2000 because of the panorama requirement. But I would like to render out the regular cameras at 1920x1080, or even vary that in some cases for framing.
I’m unable to animate output resolution, and resolution is not driven to camera. So how would I go about achieving this?

Check this great addon:

It has both resolution per camera and batch render features.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at it when I get home/during weekend.
Do you know if it is possible to create a filnename string based on camera name? Custom filename strings built from parameters should become a possibility. Like “myfilename_%camname_%frame$4d_%time$‘hh:mm’ - %date$‘mmddyyyy’%samples%rendertime” - make filename dynamic in whatever way we want … :slight_smile: Just an idea.

One easy way is to create separate scene for each render, link original scene as background and set all render parameters, frame ranges etc as you wish. And render it from command line batch script. You can use scene name as command line argument to specify which one to render.

I’m not sure what you ask here. Do you mean metadata to burn into image/render?

No, to use as filename. Embed certain render settings, samples and active camera etc, as part of filename.

Allright, I’m not familiar with such thing.