How to deal with overlapping objects?


I got this problem when you have multiple walls intersecting each other and wish part of their faces have materials, and because of the same coordinates of the faces I’m getting weird results both in viewport and renders. One option is to move intersected wall out of the face that has the material on it but I’d like not to touch and reshape/resize their original dimensions. Any idea how to resolve this issue?


This is a common issue and goes by the name of z-fighting. Being Z the distance from the viewing point (or camera) the software can’t decide which face to show when two or more fall into the same z-distance range. AFAIK there’s no solution other than either move the face you want to be seen in the foreground, or move the other slightly backwards

thanks a lot!!

when you create your 3D models you have to think of that
and make it like the real thing in the real world
so no criss crossing faces or edges or ovelapping at all

or can lead to some render problems like Z fighting
and bad render

happy bl

thanks, no this happened because I got it from archicad.

if it is a simple house might be faster to redo it in blender using the Archi addon
which can make all buildings things
then it won’t have these errors

you could also correct errors in blender manually
up to you to see which method takes less time

happy bl