how to deal with parent bone animation

Hi, Im new in the forum so correct me if Im doing something wrong.

I just started animating more complex stuff aside of walk cycles and other simple stuff I need for my games. Now Im making something like a little animation for the intro.

The thing is that when I make the character walk I play the walk cycle and move the parent bone form point A to point B and mix the animation in the ndla. The problem comes for me when I want to make other actions like the following.

Keeping the parent bone in the same place while I make that step up animation and moving it to the right place at the end, forces me to reposition the character again and try to match the correct place(where it should be before moving the parent).

That creates weird transformations and the workflow doesnt look correct to me. Moving the base bone while I make the step up animation makes the process much harder.

So que question is: How is the “correct way” of dealing with this matter? ¿What to do with the parent bone while making that kind of animations?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile: