How to debug crashing?

I compiled my game for testing reasons, and at one point in my game (right after the title screen, about 10 seconds into the main game), blender just stops working… I don’t know how to keep a console open, or if there is a log generated somewhere, but I can’t figure out what causes it… I checked the obvious things, like collisions and timers, but no luck…

Did you check scripts?
when using blender 2.71 I had multiple issues with scripting (spawning objects) that would cause blender to freeze.
That being said, if you don’t already have 2.72 (just released) I would suggest trying that or 2.70 to see whether your scripts or blender itself is the problem

If you run the game from blender but click on “stand alone player” rather than “embedded player” (in the properties tab, don’t press p to play) to test the game, when it crashes only the stand alone player will crash, Blender will still be open and the console will display any info from the crashed game.

If both crash you’ve got a problem. Also sometimes there will be things which will cause errors in the stand alone player but wouldn’t in the embedded player.

Overall though this is good for debugging a crash if you know in advance it is likely to happen.

Trial and error. Try removing certain elements and re-adding them to find out where the cause is. Once you find it, then you can start to find out why and fix it.

You can start Blender (or the Blenderpalayer) from a console. The console will stay open even when the process crashes. But it might be you do not get any output.

I don’t use the embedded player… I was using both blender’s standalone player, and the runtime. Also, before the crash there is a huge lag spike…

Edit- Did some testing and disabling shader settings seems to avoid the crash, like disabling shadows… Could it be that blender can handle a certain effect int he game? Like there are too many shadows or lights or something?

Well you can run the stand alone from blender, then as I say, the console remains open after the crash.
Or as Monster says you can run the game from the console, but I don’t know how to do that very well. :slight_smile:

Are you using Text objects? I found that makes some Intel GPUs hang for a while then crash while loading them. It’s random too, but happens more often the more Text objects you have.

Even on nVidia cards I see it taking a while to load Text objects.

AMD rig…

Yeah, that happened to me the other day. I think it was a combination of blender trying to pre render the font and a logic heavy initiation script on the first frame.

holding off on script initiation until after text objects have been rendered might help.

overall I’ve found the new text objects to be buggy and unpleasantly random in behavior compared to the old version. :frowning: