How to delay liquid->geometry in fluid simulation?

i want to simulate a waterdrop hitting a settled water surface using the fluid simulation in blender 2.82. For that i fill a bowl with water the first x frames and let it settle a while. Then after that, a mesh with a water drop shape should “emit” the water. For that i set it to

Type: flow
Flow type: liquid
Flow behaviour: geometry

I think this would work fine, but i don’t see any option to delay the water drop so that it just starts after a while and not at the beginning of the simulation.
The infow type has an option “use inflow” whch can be keyframed, but the goemetry type unfortunately does not.

Any options here?

Best regards

Couldn’t you start off with the water drop outside of the domain boundary, then animate it to appear inside the domain over a single frame?

I tried to keyframe the location of the water drop but it seems the keyframing is kind of blocked whenever i make it to be a part of the fluid system (the position resets to 0,0,0 when i try to add a keyframe). Strange behaviour. But i dont think it can be moved into the domain and therefore activated later.

Okay the keyframe thing was because i had some active data in the NLA editor … so the position was reset to 0,0,0 every time. But it will not work anyway.
If i start the animation at key 0 while the drop is in the domain, it works. If its on the outside at frame 0, it will not start later when i move the drop into the domain bounding box …
There must be another way. This looks to me like a standard case for fluid simulation. Would be really strange if there is no solution to this