How to delete a material?

Hi all!

I want to delete completly a material in a blender scene. How can i do that?
I do not mean to delet the link from a material. I want completly remove the entire material into trash.

If the material is not assigned to any objects, just save, exit and re-open. All unassigned materials should be gone. Likewise, if you would like to keep a material that is not assigned to an object, assign it to an object, then click on the F next to the material name. This will create a Fake user for the material. Now if you assign a different material to the object, the material with the fake user will still be there after you save and re-open.


It works, thankyou

But i think, there should be developed a material-trash-button. Especally for newbees the workflow would be easier .

Actually, I don’t think so. A “Material Trash” button would cause other problems like a newbie deleting a material accidently and then asking why Blender would allow that…
It’s good the way it is, once you know what’s going on - if you delete the material for a mesh but want to re-apply again, you can do it as long as the session lasts, if not, you can just forget about the material and the next time you open Blender it won’t be there anyway.