How to delete an action?


I want to really delete actions from blend file. So I expected that if I use File Browser, choose Action dir and then just delte action. But then I have error message but nothing in terminal.
Is this still working or it’s a bug?

if action has zero users, it will be automaticly removed when you save blend file and open it again… if it doesn’t happen right away, try save/load couple of times… and make sure, it doesnt have users…


There are no objects which use this action already, but it still have one user in file browser. Looks like it’s some dummy user. But why I can’t delete it? Now all unused actions have F 1 in file browser.

In the File browser, select the action you want removed and click F to unlink the action. Then save/reload.

This is the default bahaviour because a lot of the time you may not want an action linked to an armature directly but for instance through an action constraint… so it’d be unhandy if you unlinked the action from the armature, then saved… then tried to apply as a constraint and poof… gone is the action.

Thanks, now it works fine.