How to delete an entry?

Once you have created an object, say a cylinder, this is automatically added to the list. If I made a mistake as the to object type or wanted to remove on old object from this list later, how is this possible?

I tried everything; I tried to delete this object but only succeeded deleting the sub-lists (materials, etc.) but not the object itself.


Not sure if i know exactly what you are asking but it could be that if you are deleting all verts of an object while in edit mode ,which leaves its centre point behind in object mode,but if you delect the object while in object mode its centre point will be deleted as well and when saved the object data will not be attacthed to any object so wont be saved … i think

Maybe - but there is a left-column list that shows all the items that was created for your drawing… to get to this list, you can enter Control-Left-Arrow and keep doing this until it stops. It is this view that lists all the objects you have added. Anyway - there were objects that I thought I deleted completely and apparently I found items that I did not want - and it appears in this list - it sorta looks like a history list of objects. There is nothing there to allow me to delete these objects - I was however able to delete materials and other things but not the core object itself.

i just tried it ,if you delete the object while in object mode it disapears from the list but if you delete verts while in edit mode it stays because of centre point as stated above

I am pretty sure how this works…Once you delete an object in Object Mode, it hangs around as a ghost and it’s materials and textures display as having 0 users until you save your file. If a material or texture is not associated with an object data block before a save, it is discarded. So, delete your cylinder in object mode, save your file, and then check your OOPS schematic. Hope this helps.