how to delete bone influence


i created an character in blender an animated him and then exported him to unity3d
the problem is that unity allows max 4 bones per vertex so some failures are in the animation in unity
in blender i saw that some vertices are influenced by over 10 bones
how can ich delete this influence
i tryed it with vertex paint but it doens´t helped to set the influence to 0,0

has anyone an idea

ps maybe there is an way to prevent this during connecting the mesh with the bones ?


If you go into edit mode and select the verts that you want to remove from a bones influence, you can click the “remove” button in the editing panel when the vert group for the bone is selected.

I seems to me that remove from selected vertex group removes a vertex from ALL vertex groups.

Let’s say I select a vert group and see that a few verts off on the other side of the model mistakenly are in the selected vert group.
Now, I highlight that whole area and say Remove from selected vertex group.

Those verts are removed from ALL vertex groups including the ones I wanted them to stay in.

THere are some tuts that mention this already - basically, find the bone you want to work on and then select the vertex group by that name. THen go back to the model in edit mode, deselect all and then manually select all the verts that reallllly should be in that group and should be influenced by that bone. Then invert select, then “remove” them from that vertex group. THere ought to be a function or something to “remove verts from this vert group that have influence less than …”

too many of us have had the same problem, I’ll go ahead and ask for this in the bugtracker.

I forgot to mention I am using 2.5 . It seems to me to be a legitmate bug, where selected vertexes are removed from all groups instead of just the vertex group currently selected.

Unless, I just have this completely wrong. But… from Control-G you have both options:
-Remove from Selected Vertex Group
-Remove from All Vertex Groups

It appears to always do the second one.

well I got a reply already! This is supposed to be implemented - in wt paint mode, toolbar, clean.

I tried it and crashed blender, of course I didn’t have any vertex groups so maybe that crashed it. If it doesn’t work please report it to the bug trackers.

The Remove from selected Group bug is already in the tracker. Not fixed yet.:no:

It does not crash on me, but I did not see it do anything.
I selected a vertex on an arm and gave it some weight from the leg bone.
I go into weight paint and do the clean with the leg group selected.
NOTHING! :mad: I still have an odd vertex on the hand getting stretched.

Hmm…interesting, I got it to work. In r29268 it works and I’ve attached a .blend file. It’s a very rough leg/foot. In it, the toe bone is selected and some weight paint is associated with that bone in the knee area (light greenish color) and hip area (dark red color). After selecting the clean tool from the toolbox, there’s a few parameters for it below the toolbox. I checked ‘all groups’ suggesting it cleans all vertex groups. Then play with the ‘limit’ slider some - adjusting the slider to .220 cleans the knee area, but it has to be moved all the way up, .990 to clean the hip area.

I’ve been using 2.5 to make a character, and I gotta say I think the weight painting is vastly improved over 2.49. The auto-normalize is a great tool, and now this clean tool is another great feature.


PS - Was just playing with this a bit more, and cranking the limit all the way up cleans all vertex groups too much, they hardly have any weight paint on them at all… Looks to me like it’s not perfect yet…


weightpaint.blend (67.3 KB)

Woo Hoo!

The Remove from Selected Vertex bug is fixed in 2.53.