how to delete in single click ???

is there any setting in blender that allow me to delete object without confirmation ?
currently i have to delete by press ‘x’ then choose ‘delete’ . why too many steps just for delete object? Can i just press single button ? can i customize it ? this is slow down my workflow.


The only way I believe is to delete from the outliner window

this is slow down my workflow.
How many things are you deleting ? You don’t have to delete one at a time !

yeah :slight_smile: . But the question is why is the deleting procedure made like that ? any good reason ? This is only make sense when the deleting process will need input from user -> in case there are couple of options to choose to complete the delete process (like in edit mode). But in object mode , there’s nothing to choose , why do i have to press another key just to confirm ? i’m just curious. Hope this make sense :slight_smile:

I hate to delete the wrong object by accident, and sometimes when I work in a high-poly scene, my computer slows down and I can’t keep up with what it has selected. I like confirming if it is the right object.

nice to hear from other perspective. Maybe i’m more familiar with ‘undo’ than ‘conform’ :slight_smile: , it would be nice if in ‘preferences’ there’s option to use/not use the ‘conform’.

Honestly i`m with metaclay here. I could even live with completely lost scenes when i could get rid of the do you really want to delete something when you press the delete button? nagfeature :slight_smile:

An option to turn this feature off sounds great. Ticked by default.

Yep, that stupid question when deleting is driving me crazy too. Why is there no option to turn it off. :mad:

… and when or if there’s an option to turn it off, i would prefer to change hotkey ‘x’ to ‘delete’ key in my keyboard . when there’s no conforming, it’s easy to miss-type where the ‘x’ button is not a common key to delete ( x - tried to mimic ctrl/cmd-x for ‘cut’ ), also it’s sorrounded by the ‘z’ (wire/shaded mode), ‘c’ (circle select) and ‘a’ (select/deselect) etc. Maybe it’s designed for fast left-hand stroke ( compared to ‘delete’ key which is too far for left hand). Every user has his/her own preferences. Even i’m getting familiar with ‘x’ after days tweaking my blender :slight_smile:

I’m nearing my first full year as a blender user and from my short experience I can say that I’ve almost grown numb from that little confirm box.
If I want to delete something I just press X and almost instantly click. So if you’re sure about deleting something it’s not really that much of a hastle.
At some points though I’m glad that little box pops up, it has saved me from deleting some wrong object at times.

In the end it’s all rather trivial, especially when you can just undo your delete.
But IRRC somebody said that blender didn’t have undo untill a certain version, so that might be the reason why it’s there.
A feature to disable would be nice for some, but to be frank I’m a bit more interested in the development of the GSOC and Mango to be bothered by such a trivial thing.

On the other hand, it´s those trivial annoyers that slows down the workflow to a crawl. And there are lots of such small annoyers in Blender.

I prefer to have a easy to use software solution with a stable limited toolset instead of a cumbersome to use one that has unstable tools.

For me it’s just X - Return. Done. Simple and fast. No mouse clicking needed.

Another possibility would be to just assign the menu-shortcut key to X, so it takes a simple double-tap rather than x->click/D/enter.
An option to turn the warning off would be nice, but I tend to hit X by mistake fairly often. If I don’t even notice I’ve deleted something by mistake, undo doesn’t help a whole lot.

I have never come across a situation where this becomes annoying at all, I see how it could be annoying if you manually selected the option from the menu with the mouse - but I don’t think anyone seriously does this after the first few times using Blender.

If I were to guess I would say it was probably implemented in the versions before the ‘undo’ feature and was never removed because the surrounding keys are very frequently used.

Certain bugs will irritate some people more than others; Personally I would prefer the developers to be working on the more complicated bugs (my personal nemesis is the ‘always show child object following dupliverts’ in cycles, but this is probably not shared by many others)

I think most people would prefer the confirmation to be enabled by default.

for Blender 2.8:

  1. Go to Blender preferences > Keymap > Outliner >

  2. Find Delete Collection — with Backspace

  3. Change command to object.delete, uncheck ‘Confirm’


Now you can select objects in Outliner and delete in one keypress without confirmation. That’s what I think it should do by default.