how to delete keyframes of selected bones in 3d view?

So when I’m animating I often want to delete the keyframe of the currently selected bones on the current time frame with a hotkey in the 3d view but cant work it out. “Alt - I” deletes all keyframes (not just currently selected) on the current time frame.

I’ve got very little experience with Blender animation, but seems like at least Alt+I shortcut thinks armature as one object and thus removes all keys in selected frame, not just from pose mode selected bone. Not very nice

Best I can think of is open dope sheet editor, then make it show only selected object (arrow icon in window bottom bar), then select key from timeline and press Del to remove key frame for that object.

Yeah, I know how to do that but find it takes me out of the flow of animating when I start clicking around in the menus so would like to smooth out my workflow

I got some help off the forum but thought I would update here in case anyone else wanted.

alt-i shortcut uses “anim.keyframe_delete_v3d”

if you remove the _v3d and change it to


it behaves how I wanted, (and mapped to x)