How to DELETE Materials

I am working on a project where many materials have been duplicated. Of course, there is no reason for duplicate materials. So, I want to delete these materials. But the problem is I don’t know how. Does anyone know how to completely DELETE a material instead of just removing it from an object?


If the material isn’t assigned to any object, if you save and reload the blend the unassigned materials will disappear (unless you assgned them to a fake user, by pressing the “F” button).

btw, shouldn’t this thread be in a support forum?

Like any datablock in blender, if it has no users, a material will be deleted (removed from the file) upon re-opening the file (you have to save it first, though).

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ok ill do that. thanks

why there’s not a second button called fully delete I will never understand

It’s actually kind of useful if you change your mind. You can always go back to the material. And it’s not like it will never be deleted or anything.

Just have a trash can view then.

and 3dsMax gui

wtf, did I say change the gui to a nth degree?

then don’t have a trash view. Just put a super ultra fast perma delete button next to the x button. how GUI destroying is that ?

Delete it via the outliner?

Why would you have to go that far?
normal delete button => [X]
normal delete button => [X] [X] <= And super instant delete button
Side by side
[X] [X]

You could go as far as disabling the super delete button until the normal delete button is pressed

I have had information linger in a file despite being deleted, and if there is a .tga in a file Indigo will crash. Delete it in the outliner and it’s gone.

Youngbatcat: This absence of way to get rid of non-used data has been mentionned on Blenderstorm. It could be usefull to free-up memory, so ythe idea gets around in devs circles.

@endi: what kind of reaction is that ? Does it lead to a constructive discussion ? Definitely not. It seems that you just want to raise yet another BlenderUI vs MAX flame war… Useless post

Why the difficult choices?

Is it really so hard to make one button for deleting the block? We’ve got undo now, right?