How to delete/reset an image map in the UV/Image Editor?

I am currently working on a woodland path scene in blender, from a tutorial. I have not been using blender for that long, and I kind of just jumped right in and started working on a tutorial that interested me. Right now, I am trying to wrap a bark texture around a tree. In the UV/Image Editor, I got the image map all mangled up. I scaled it by -1, and it did not do what it did in the tutorial…lol. Now it looks something like a spider web, instead of neatly spaced verticies. I have tried scaling it by -1 again, to undo what I did, so that I could try it again. That did not work. I also tried my undo button but that will not take me back far enough to fix my problem. If anyone has any advice on how to return the image map to its original state and/or delete it, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks :yes:

Here you go…Minus sign on the right from selected UV map.

1drousCre8tions, deleting the mangled UV map is one way to start over, but it’s not necessary. Just unwrap the object again, and the mangled UV map will revert to the original map.

Also, if you were wanting to scale the entire UV map by -1, make sure to tap the A key in the UV/Image editor until all of the UV map vertices are orange before you scale. I’m guessing only some of the vertices were selected when you scaled.

Thanks, that helped a lot! And it was simple, like I figured it would be. Lol :o