How to delete several objects from a Array circular

I would like to delete these three spheres mark with a red X, the circular was made with a array.

Reduce the array by 3 spheres, then rotate the array so the circular array’s quadrant is aligned with the axes.

Ok , I will give a try… seam logic… but just for my information… is it possible to delete any object within a array… a saw on Youtube that Blender user do > Separate > Loose part… I tried it… but did not worked.

You have to apply the modifier before separating by loose parts. Another option is the boolean modifier to remove objects within an array. Using boolean would keep the modeling non-destructive, but both methods work.

Solved it… was simple … I forgot to clic “Apply” after I did the Array… that why I was not able to delete any one of these sphere :woozy_face: as show on Many youtube channel… just need to > Separate > Selection… than bingo… go in wire frame mode…select any object and delete.