How to deploy an Addon to blender svn

(I’m not sure if this question must be in this forum, sorry if it is incorrect)

I have finished a Addon and I would like to publish for public/free access. I have no own website, so I cannot put in my website.

Can someone tell me the steps I need to follow to deploy my Addon to bf-extensions?

I’m totally new in deploying Addon, so a detailed list of the steps would be very appreciate.


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Do you know if I can deploy a zip file?

My addon has some support files (png, htm files) and of course the py files.

I have a user guide in PDF, where can I put it?

It’s all on the wiki:

Addon Guidelines
(don’t do your docs as PDF, but create a new wiki page. Your addon belongs to the external category)

Sharing addons / bf-extensions:

Multi-file addons need to be in a folder (python module), and you zip that folder. You will be able to install addon from file, blender does the unzipping. Don’t unzip it!