How to deselect an edge loop? Shift+Double Click selects, how to do the opposite?

For example, I took a set of faces, with 2 vertical columns of 4 faces; now I only want the horizontal edge rings so they can be beveled and made into ridges. I know how to make what I want to accomplish but that shift+double click is so useful I’d love to learn the reverse operation of it. Seems to me like it should be Alt+Shift+Double Click but it’s not. I see there’s other similar topics to this and I’ve done a fair bit of googling for the answer in the past but have never found what I’m looking for.

Wait what ??? Shift+‘double click’ does just nothing for me !?!

Alt-Shift-click does ring select for me.
Alt-Shift-click again on any selected ring edges does ring deselect for me.

(i’m on linux; idk if this is changed because of window manager)

Do you have enabled " Emulate 3 Button Mouse in the preferences (Edit > Preferences > Input ). It enables the use of Shift+Double click, but there is no option for deselecting.

Best will be to get a mouse with at least 3 buttons.

You were correct about this! Thanks for the info!

We can add the thing, like so:
Can’t figure comfortable short-key for it though.

Good to know! Thanks