How to destroy a city

So here’s my latest work…I had to create a surreal montage with Photoshop at School.
The fire, smoke and shatters were done in Blender. Was really fun to do this. :smiley: The city in the picture is Lausanne in Switzerland.
I hope you like it!

(I have no problem with churches or this city by the way ;))


Haha cool :slight_smile: We did something like this for our graphic’s class. Was alot of fun!

The light on yourself looks wrong to me, shouldn’t it be coming from the right? I mean, look at the shadows on the church roof…

Fire and smoke looks fine.

Nope. The lighting direction is fine … but it is a little bit too intense/focused … Maybe dim it? But nice composite otherwise. :slight_smile:

No, it is wrong. The tip of the small tower on the lower right of the roof indicates clearly that the environment is lit from topright.
You can even draw a clear line as it is a exposed top-point and determine the exact sun direction.
The actor is lit from topright.

But those are not the point in this image i guess. Those are clearly 2 photographs composited and the fire/smoke/debris are made with Blender. So unless you are already on a professional level in photo retouching there´s not really a way to change any of the lights.

However, for future projects it´s something you want to keep an eye on, to have realisitc lighting, as you see it´s the first thing that jumps into peoples eyes. :wink: