How to detect two objects at same time colliding to same sensor?

Hello every blending heads,

Just happens so that I got to use same sensor colliding to two objects. They are same size. Collision detector go in them without touching one of them for too long I guess because the pulse is weak. Then first collision logic gets detected with positive pulse and second not even seen by sensor, also I use collision bounds √ on both). I wonder if it is logically possibal to trigger actions after collision with two objects at same spot, size and aligned the same.

“The obvious approaches to collision detection for multiple objects are very slow. Checking every object against every other object will, of course, work, but is too inefficient to be used when the number of objects is at all large. Checking objects with complex geometry against each other in the obvious way, by checking each face against each other face, is itself quite slow. Thus, considerable research has been applied to speeding up the problem.” Is it true that blender game engine have disabled multiple objects detection for “performance”?

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
Collsion = cont.sensors['Collision']

if Collision.positive:
    for objects in Collision.hitObjectList:
        print('Stop touching me '

Okay i get bouth objects detected. Then it must be problem on assigning to bool true from this collision send message. Thanks for showing other cool debug way. :wink: