How to develop Chat application in Blender

Hi all,

can any one explain how to develop chat application in blander…

Awaiting for reply…

This is probably easy to achieve with the BGE and lots of Python.

You may be able to ask Gomer how they did the chat in his game:

Use assembly language, or even better, write the binary by hand.

It will be fun!

Only noobs write binary by hand. Real Men[tm] (and Real Women, and Real Furry Creatures From Alpha Centauri) use a magnet to magnetize the hard disk correctly.

No they don’t. They use butterflies.

Still wrong. They actually use their vast mind control powers to turn random silverware into living creatures, which then use the butterflies… But not in the ordinary way, because they have the butterflies mutate into magnetized needles, which are controlled by radio frequencies via a proxy on Mars, by the original mind controlling programmer.

Post moar original content.

If someone has mind control powers then why would they even need a chat application?!