How to develop.........

Hi I am Andrews, I want to develop my animation,Are there any magazines, etc.
dealing with Animation. if any one know about it reply me Thanks in advance has links to useful resources.

The Illusion of Life <------ is a useful book to read


Thanks for your reply but i need brief information

Andrew Smurf, you have asked a question like “I want to understand Physics” or “I want to understand women” or “I want to know how to figure out what I should do with my life” … there are NO good “brief information”. You are going to have to read read read practice practice practice over YEARS to get good.

Start with the BSOD tutorials or the 30 minutes tutorial in the wiki.

Yeah…I have to agree…you can’t just read something and immediately be good at animating. If it was that way, animation would be boring and would have no individual style to it because everyone would animate the same way!

Anyway, another good book(a VERY easy read(lots of pictures…just the way I like it)) is the Animator’s Survival Kit written by Richard Williams. It doesn’t deal with 3d animation specifically, but it deals with principles to make your characters truly come to life! I really really really suggest it!!!

Yeah…good luck though!!! And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I also suggest reading some of the WIKI tutorials because they can be extremely helpful as well in helping you memorize the hotkeys and knowing your way around the software!

-Chris Folea(pronounced Fowliuh)

Thanks for your suggestion

I agree pretty much with what magiciandude said, but I’d like to make a correction here.

It should be like ‘you can’t just read something and immediately be good at animating because you’d still suck at it’. :stuck_out_tongue: