How to disable cursor to mouse?

Hi, I was modeling an airplane in Blender 2.93LTS, almost finished the model, and suddenly it started to place cursor when I press the left mouse button. Just before, the pressing of the mouse on the object selected the vertex or face or edge (depending on the type of gemetrical entity selected in the menu, 1 for vertex, 2 for edge, 3 for faces) and modeling was way faster than now, why now I must select the vertex, edges or faces with the box tool.
How to disable the auto cursor placement? I must have changed some setting not voluntarily…
I just want to place the cursor only with the specific option in the left toolbar menu.


Is your selection tool in your toolbar selected like this?

yes, it is

Now I have reverted the preferences to factory default, and solved, but I was just wondering how to set the auto cursor placement on and off.

The only way I know of is selecting the first and the second items in this toolbar.

thanks for the advice.
Surely I have selected accidentally some option, but as I said fortunately Blender can revert option to factory default, so the issue is gone :slight_smile:

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You probably turned on “right click select” in preferences > keymap > preferences

Yes you are right! I was navigating in that menu before the issue. Thank you very much :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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