How to disable Ngons in 2.63 ?

I am testing 2.63 RC1 build 2… and I hate Ngons. They seem to be enabled by default and prevent from seeing if topology is correct.

I searched in preferences as well.

How can I disable this feature ? :mad:

that’s Bmes

but you can always convert Ngon to quad or tri


That’s atrocious. I already preferred 2.49b for modelling, but 2.63 looks worse than ever for modelling. If it is necessary to create triangles and convert to squares each time you do something, it is not usable imho. My first tests are more than deceptive. I may miss something, but I can’t work like that.

When you subdivide a edge, the created vertice in the middle is on a subdivided edge not shared with the original edge ! This leads to disconnected faces with vertices in middle of nowhere, not connected with adjacent edge…

I am just doing simple things starting from a simple cube, and I did better the first day I touched Blender 8 years ago !

I don’t understand why people wanted this feature so much !

By the way, I just notice that in menu Mesh/Face it is written Inset face instead of Insert face… That’s not the biggest problem…

Tho id love an on off button, max has ngons & a hidden line feature. so u can see if theres any bad topology and fix it, but i think if youre modelling correctly there shouldnt be any hidden triangles.

don’t worry
you’ll get it i’m certain
only a matter of time

see cgcookie for intro to bmesh

mind you i’m still learning the tricks on Bmesh

but i did model with it and it’s not that bad

the big problem is with the new mesh data
that has screwed up a lot of old scripts playing with verts edges and faces!

but like any new feature will get over it quick at least i hope

just notice you know french too
where are you located ?

i’m in Mtl

happy Bmesh