How to disable pie menus in 2.8?

(doublebishop) #1

Hey, just trying out blender 2.8… just wondering how to bring back the old menus over pie menus as they are significantly slower & are inaccurate (hit shift s to snap selection to cursor, put your mouse over the left hand side of the box and it selects cursor to grid)

(English is not my native language) #2

Hello doublebishop.
This is related:

I hope that old menus remain optional.

(Antaioz) #3

Is therer more than just the snap menu that was an old menu converted to a pie, rather than just a new menu outright?

Anyway, this works for atleast the 3d view and uv editor snap menus, I It’ll presumably work for any others that previously existed.
change this:
To This - basically remove the “_pie” on the end.

The original menus are available in the 2.7x keymap if you need to double check a particular menu.

(xalener) #4

Also, the pie menus have corresponding numbers for each selection. To snap selection to cursor real quick you can just hit shift+S 4 and it’s done.

(Jasiek) #5

Well there is the Z button which I’d rather still toggle between shaded and wire and display pie menu on hold.
Same goes for the dot and dash, the pie menu significantly slows down my workflow.

I like the pie menus in general, they seem nifty, but I’d rather they opened on hold, while quick press would toggle between two standard options like they did before.

(xalener) #6

I think a hold would slow em down too much. I’m pretty fast with em, and I like the speed/ choice balance there.

I think a modifier would make them better. Maybe mixing them with a mouse click that initiates the mode/ tool action on release, Maya style.

Never thought I’d recommend pulling something from Maya :grimacing:

(Jasiek) #7

Hmm, well the biggest issue I’m having is that I use the comma and period buttons A LOT when greyboxing a scene, or just setting one up - they’re literally pressed every few keystrokes - so the pie menu is sorta like a wrench in the wheel for me, and I don’t really use the other pivot functions that much.

Sorta the same goes for Wire and Shaded when modelling, I press those every couple seconds to look for any mistakes.

Obviously the pie menus are a great addition, what I would like is to be able to customise a shortcut to do one thing on single press, and a different thing on hold, so I could set this up for myself and not bother anyone, especially since the pie menus function differently when you press or hold the button (click the option, or move the cursor over it).

(Romanji) #8

There are pie menu addons available for 2.8 where you can activate and deactivate pie menus per function (same ones as for 2.7).
Activate those addons and customize Blender to your liking.

(Jasiek) #9

I’ll look into those, thanks!