How to disable Symmetrize in Sculpt Mode?

I enabled Dynotopo, but Symmetrize seems to have been active already as as soon as I start stroking the mesh it does it double :frowning:
I just don’t see how to disable it.

Thanks guys,


Just look in the T panel - Symmetry / lock - click x…Thats it.


Thank you Tai.
Also as galdalf3 from Blender StockExchange said:
“Ensure the Mirror axes are all deselected:”

I knew it was something really simple!


Here is a link to Blender manual sculpt mode…You get it from the menuline - help -manual.
Here is a lot of usefull information

Happy sculpting


Thanks Tai :slight_smile:

I have the same question. As I practice beginner tutorials I see that I am sculpting in two places, symetrically. How do I turn that off? I don’t know what the “T-panel” is.