How to disable unifying of strength and size in texture paint mode ?

Hello all,

this issue has seriously been bugging us for over an hour… I have two blend files, one in which the texture paint brushes have their own size and strength (ie they change when I switch brushes), and another one in which these settings are global (shared across brushes). I’d like to have one brush that behaves like a pencil, another one as a regular ink pen, etc. so I need these settings separated. I know for sure this can be toggled, only I can’t remember where this option is found and it’s driving me insane !

Please let me know if you have any idea !



In the bottom of the Paint mode, click on Brush and disable the unified size/strength option :

Thanks a ton. :smiley:
I had been searching in the image editor. In weight paint mode and sculpt mode, these options are shown in the toolbar. I think I’ll go suggest right away these be added in the same place…

Thanks again ! Good day to you !