How to disconnect elements?

I have two elements the workspace that seem to be “connected.” Even when everything is deselected, if I apply one texture to one object, it automatically gets applied to the other. Same with color or other such attributes. How do I stop this from happening??

Did you click the little number that shows the number of users for the material and make it single user?

How would I specify the number of users. Looking at the ‘Texture’ palette, but do not see this option. (Have only being working with Blender for a short time!)

Found out how to change the number of users, but this still has not fixed the problem.
Also, how do you delete textures from the list?

I’m new to Blender too :slight_smile: Think this may help (I hope)

Select the seperate elements and hit P to seperate them - you can then add materials etc to each individual object

Select the texture you want then hit clear


Ooooh…so simple! (But I guess not to a newbie…especially one that’s new to 3D modeling, as well!) Thanks on both counts!

Just read this tutorial I think you should have a look at - multiple materials to single mesh :slight_smile:
Again, learn something new everyday yay!!

Oooh, thank you, JinJ! This has been bookmarked in my ‘Blender’ folder (you can imagine its becoming quite full!)…sure this will come in handy!