How to display all edges for a subdivided mesh?

“All Edges” under “Viewport Display” does not work for this case when I attempt with that selected… I wish to see how the subdivided mesh will look if I apply the modifier. I have seen tutorial videos that show a subdivided mesh and, just with the modifier, you could see how the final edges and vertices would be placed due to the Catmull-Clark subdivision. I cannot see this edge flow, which would be helpful when adjusting crease strength. Instead, I am only shown the subdivided edges at the boundaries, and I am unable to see the flow of lines as it goes through the object.


The following are my viewport display options:

Where is the button for this?

In the subdivision surface modifier, uncheck the “Optimal Display” option.

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Oh wow, thanks for that. I would never have guessed that option based on the phrasing.